carbon index compost copy Gabriel Kuri
April 29—June 1, 2011

carbon index compost copy Gabriel Kuri

Untitled (CM 05 Camel), 2011 (front) Untitled (CM Wallet House), 2011 (back, left) Untitled (CM 01), 2011 (back, center) Untitled (CM 02), 2011 (back, right) All works: Composite marble, bank notes Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Esther Schipper is pleased to present Gabriel Kuri in his second gallery solo show carbon index compost copy. carbon index compost copy is the expression of an associative mental process of pinpointing links between materials and themes, which has been specially adapted to the gallery space. The process becomes immediately apparent as the visitor enters the first room. The evolutionary stages of the same objects in succession are rolled out across two groups of works....
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