October 28—December 17, 2011

Queer Spirits and other invocations... AA Bronson

From front to back: Invocation of the Queer Spirits (Berlin), 2011 Candles, blankets, nuts, incense, various objects AA Bronson's best-known project is perhaps his series of performative healing rituals and séances, Invocation of Queer Spirits (2008-2009), for which he collaborated with Toronto artist Peter Hobbs to stage spiritual experiences in five locations across North America. Black Red Gold (in collaboration with Ryan Brewer), 2011 Color inkjet prints on paper. Set of 3 Red Shroud #1 (in collaboration with Ryan Brewer), 2011 Fluorescent acrylic on linen The work is am imprint of AA Bronson's body, rendered in acrylic paint on linen. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

What role can the artist-become-shaman play in today’s social life? This is the question that AA Bronson has returned to repeatedly over the course of his work. Brooms, a tent, a mallet, mirrors… disparate and incongruous, these objects and accessories are not intended as part of a mise-en-scène; they present the possibility of another way, in which the artist orchestrates body and spirit, each in relation to the other. A tent—a collaboration with Scott Teleaven—raises...
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