Aerosolar Journeys Tomás Saraceno
June 1—September 3, 2017
Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich

Aerosolar Journeys Tomás Saraceno

Sunny Day, 2017 Mylar transparent and metalized, tape, pump with overpressure release valve, polyester rope, PA net, metal ring The inflatable structures that make up the installation communicate a new way of flying, one that relies only on the difference in temperature between inside and outside the sculpture, heated only by the sun and the infrared radiation of the Earth. Floating like this provides an alternative to the linear vector flight of propulsion technology, replacing it with sympoetic choreography. Steps – Leaps – Footprint, 2016 (left) Inkjet print, diptych two photographic prints mounted on dibond and framed separately The well-known documentary photo from 1969 shows the footprint that Buzz Aldrin, the American astronaut, left on the dusty surface of Moon. Launching of space missions could be understood as a maximum of air mobility that in turn leaves its own footprint, and pushes the atmospheric changes of the planet. The peculiar photograph from White Sands depicts the diametrically opposite: an individual being lifted by cosmic forces. Aerocene Explorer, 2016 (right; on the wall) Backpack The Aerocene Explorer is a tethered-flight starter kit, which enables anyone to personally launch their own Aerocene solar sculpture and start exploring the skies. A tactile and engaging way to experience Aerocene, the Explorer allows participants to take aerial photographs and videos and to collect atmospheric data using nonintrusive, emissions-free scientific exploration tools that measure air quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Additionally, users can ‘hack’ the devices pack, create their own light-weight sensors, and lift them up. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Tomás Saraceno (born 1973, in San Miguel, Argentina) is convinced that art can change the world. He studied Art and Architecture at Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, before relocating to Europe in 2001. Other stages in his education were the Städelschule in Germany (under Thomas Bayrle) and Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia (under Hans Ulrich Obrist and Olafur Eliasson). Today, Saraceno lives and works in Berlin, where he and his team work on exhibition projects....
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