Man Walking Toward a Fata Morgana Roman Ondak
September 12—December 22, 2017
The Arts Club of Chicago

Man Walking Toward a Fata Morgana Roman Ondak

Leap, 2012 Found railing, two bars bent by the artist Roman Ondak recontextualizes a mundane object in order to substitute function by idea. The imaginary movement of a looped leap alludes to the perpetual efforts that are associated with the quotidian as well as the deliberate choices that come with it. Photo © Jens Ziehe

Press Release

To celebrate the centennial of Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, The Arts Club of Chicago welcomes an exhibition by acclaimed Slovak artist Roman Ondak. Known for a conceptual oeuvre that draws on both participatory and object-based processes, Ondak interrogates the peculiarities of daily life in a post-Soviet and increasingly global context. For The Arts Club, Ondak gathers four sculptural installations that have never been shown in the United States along with an ongoing series of paintings begun...
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