April 27—July 28, 2012

Slayer Metallica Nathan Carter

Handmade Radio Antenna Found During Uppsala Substructure Found During Uppsala Substructure Excavation, 2010 (front, on the table) Steel, acrylic paint Brooklyn Street Treasures From Bushwick Ave On The Elevated L To The Rockaway Blvd B Side D, 2012 (wall, above, first, third, fourth, sixth from left) Enamel paint, paper, 4 parts Untitled, 2012 (wall, above, second from left) Crash Bang Boom We Land At Four Corners Va Va Vroom For The Smasch Pow Wham Kaboom, 2012 (wall, left, below) Black Banana, 2012 (wall, center, above) Red Elly, 2012 (wall, center, below) Brooklyn Street Treasures DeKalb Avenue On The D Train To Coney Island Vacation, 2012 (wall, right, above) Brooklyn Street Treasures All City All Lines And All Scheduled Bus Routes, 2012 (wall, right, below) All works: Acrylic paint, paper The artist combines the three-dimensional qualities of sculpture with the linearity of reliefs and pictorial force of two-dimensional works, and with narrative elements found in his drawings. Part of the exhibition was a tequila party, accompanied by live sounds mixed by a DJ. Photo © Andrea Rossetti