Die innere Konkurrenz Carsten Höller
May 6—July 2, 2005

Die innere Konkurrenz Carsten Höller

Trapezoid Swinging Room, 2005 (interior) Alucobond wall and ceiling panels, aluminum frame, steel cables, aluminumsurfaced pressed-Wood flooring and stair panels, neon tubes, cables, aluminum base with removable legs, Connector clamps 360 x 500 x 900 cm Pedestal height: 140 cm Photo © Attilio Maranzano

Press Release

The reopening of the gallery with the fourth solo exhibition by Carsten Höller marks the end of our five-month reconstruction phase. The architectural changes completed during this period were overseen by the London architects Caruso St. John whose design has expanded the former exhibition space while adding another room. Carsten Höller will be showing two large installations which question what we take for granted in the perception of ourselves and our surroundings and in the...
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