Songbook Ari Benjamin Meyers
March 15—April 13, 2013

Songbook Ari Benjamin Meyers

Songbook (ES13), 2013 (start position) Printed score on paper, music stands The Songbook (ES 13) consists of 13 compositions that portray 13 staff members of Esther Schipper. It also includes the score of Opening, the theme introducing the work, a one-page long score portraying visitors of the gallery and Closing, the choral. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Esther Schipper is pleased to present Songbook by Ari Benjamin Meyers. Songbook (ES13) is also a collection of compositions created during the four weeks of the exhibition. These compositions are in a very real sense the exhibition itself, being portraits of the opening and closing, of some visitors to the show, and of all those working at the gallery. Songbook can of course be performed. The exhibition also exists as a performance: a visitor of...
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