Cuts Florin Mitroi
July 4—September 6, 2014
Johnen Galerie, Berlin

Cuts Florin Mitroi

Exhibition view: Forin Mitroi, Cuts, Johnen Galerie, Berlin, 2014 Photo © Jens Ziehe

Press Release

Mild, polite, withdrawn, Florin Mitroi had nothing of a ripper. Good husband, father and professor, he could have been a perfect pen pusher. Yet he was a cagey artist, whose work cut through him. Anti-narcissistic, Mitroi was absorbed by painting opaque mirrors on reverted glass, a fragile, though cutting surface. He tore apart his persona, both in drawings manipulating his countenance as to become younger or older, male or female, demonic or dull, and in...
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