Hugo Boss Asia Art 2017 with Tao Hui
October 27, 2017—February 11, 2018
Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

Hugo Boss Asia Art 2017 with Tao Hui

Hello, finale!, 2017 9 channel HD video installation (color, sound) Duration: 40 min Exhibition view: Hugo Boss Asia Art 2017, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai Photo © Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

Press Release

HUGO BOSS ASIA ART: Award for Emerging Asian Artists opened early today at Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) in Shanghai, presents artworks by the four finalist artists, including Tao Hui. Following the success of the first and second editions in 2013 and 2015 respectively, HUGO BOSS ASIA ART AWARD for Emerging Asian Artists is well regarded as a very high-profile award that honors emerging contemporary artists in the early stages of their artistic creation and exhibition...
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