tunnel & lightbox Christoph Keller
November 21—December 19, 1998

tunnel & lightbox Christoph Keller

Christoph Keller, Tunnel, 1998. Exhibition view: Christoph Keller, tunnel & lightbox, Schipper & Krome, Berlin, 1998. Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

The exhibition tunnel&lightbox consists of two works in space that complement and comment on each other. Using simple material and construction principles, 40 hardboard panels are screwed together to form an approx. 75-meter-long band, which forms a spiral wound, hermetic, walk-in tunnel. This tunnel runs from the foyer, bridging or 'tunneling' through the actual exhibition space (which can only be seen through the window from the courtyard) and ends in the gallery office. This is...
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