In Virtual Vitro Angela Bulloch
January 24—March 1, 2014

In Virtual Vitro Angela Bulloch

From left to right: Medium Music Listening Station: RYB, 2014 (detail) Two Yellow Felt Curtains with curved adjustable height rails. Red Record Player, Blue Metal table and record mounts, exhibited with Angela Bulloch's record label ABCDLP Several brightly colored LPs released by the artist's record label ABCDLP are placed next to a red vinyl record player turntable. Two heavy yellow felt curtains hang from a curvilinear metal railing, creating a semi-private enclosure, and also function as acoustic insulation, at the same time intensifying the sound inside. Thing Two on Pixel Box Red, 2014 Corian Pixel Box with red lamps, irregular rhombus form 2, grey MDF, control box The artist programmed the Pixel Box to cycle through the standard color spectrum but since its blue and green bulbs have been replaced with red ones, all it can produce are varying shades of red. The rhombic shape on its top derives from the artist's engagement with convex polyhedra. Happy Sack Denim Re-edition, 1994-2012 Denim sack, filled with styrofoam, felt Happy Sack is a large "bean bag"—a massive sack made of thick fabric, in this case denim, filled with styrofoam pellets. It is a sculptural object but can also be used as a seat. Displayed on an iPad, a video with an avatar gives a short introduction to the exhibition. Navy Single Wall Hanging 007, 2014 Dark blue felt, with paper print and large irregular rhombus rivet The wall hanging includes a print fastened on a panel of felt, held together by a rhombic wooden rivet from which it is also hung. The rivet has a central opening through which the wall is visible. The print shows a tiled pattern, tapering off to the left. Single Printed Navy Wall Hanging 006, 2014 Printed dark blue felt with grey and clay printed colours, large regular hexagon rivet The grey- and clay- colored tiled motif, based on classical mosaic patterns, is silk-screened directly onto the dark blue felt. This creates the impression that the felt completes the tiled pattern, further challenging the viewer's perception of the spatial relations between figure and ground. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Esther Schipper is pleased to announce the opening of Angela Bulloch's eleventh exhibition with the gallery. Entitled In Virtual Vitro, the exhibition includes new contributions to key series in the artist's oeuvre, among them a Music Listening Station playing records issued by her record label ABCDLP, a Drawing Machine, and two Happy Sacks. Displayed on an iPad, a video with an avatar gives a short introduction to the exhibition. Encountering Bulloch's work has always been...
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