Paper Work Ceal Floyer and Karin Sander
July 4—August 23, 2014

Paper Work Ceal Floyer and Karin Sander

KS 96 85-120, 1996 Tabs in different number and colors, paper in letter format Employing commonly available office supplies and their byproducts, these works create often minimal interventions on paper with rows, lines, small clusters, pairs or single staples. The use of everyday stationery items, like an A4 sheet, staples, paperclips, punched-out holes, and pencils alludes to the contemporary office environment. The series of 30 drawings from 1996 in this exhibition predominantly includes brightly colored metal tabs. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Esther Schipper is pleased to announce an exhibition of Ceal Floyer and Karin Sander entitled Paper Work that focuses on the artists’ drawing practice. Ceal Floyer will present a new work from her series Ink on Paper. Works in the series consist of sheets of blotting paper, each of which has a differently colored round area in its center. Generally, the number of sheets in each work is determined by the package size in which...
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