Power Plants Hito Steyerl
April 11—May 6, 2019
Serpentine Galleries, London

Power Plants Hito Steyerl

Exhibition view: Power Plants, Serpentine Galleries, London, 2019. Serpentine Galleries AR application design by Ayham Ghraowi, developed by Ivaylo Getov, Luxloop⁣⠀ Photo © 2019 readsreads.info⁣

Press Release

Hito Steyerl's series of projects at the Serpentine Galleries is positioned around ideas of 'power'. Beginning from the premise that 'power is the necessary condition for any digital technology', the artist considers the multiple meanings of the word, including electrical currents, the ecological powers of plants or natural elements, and the complex networks of authority that shape our environments. She addresses the notion of power through three interrelated research strands and projects: Actual Realityos, a...
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