Vivienne Westwood at Buchholz + Schipper
September 25—30, 1991
Buchholz + Schipper, Cologne

Vivienne Westwood at Buchholz + Schipper

Exhibition view: Vivienne Westwood at Buchholz + Schipper, Cologne, 1991. Photo © Lothar Schnepf

Press Release

It will look like a luxury boutique and not like a gallery in September at Buchholz + Schipper. The two gallery owners present the fashion multiples of London fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. For her bizarre and extravagant models, the post-punker is not only praised by the Sex Pistols. Last year, her colleagues honored her with the 'Fashion Designer of the Year' award for collections on the brink of wearability. She became famous with the putti...
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