Grey Magic Christoph Keller
June 27—September 5, 2015

Grey Magic Christoph Keller

Magic Mirror Curtain, 2015 (center) Mirrored and digitally printed polystyrene panels, thread The large-scale mirror installation forms a spiral. Made from 125 individual suspended sections that have slight play, the elements align and de-align as coherent presence, showing in turn the mirrored surface on one and the pattern based on Keller's spiral drawings on their other side. Grey Magic - Spirals, 2015 (wall) Archival inkjet print on Hahnemühle paper, 14 parts The works are from a series of prints that combines drawings of spirals with Keller's chapter-by-chapter summaries of Grey Magic, a 1922 novel by Salomo Friedlaender/Mynona. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Esther Schipper is pleased to present the sixth solo exhibition of Christoph Keller with the gallery. Grey Magic brings together themes from Keller’s ongoing aether project, his engagement with fringe science and with parapsychological ideas. The exhibition combines sculptural interventions with the setting for staging a psychological experiment, a new series of prints, and a film project that will be filmed during the course of the exhibition in the gallery space. A large-scale mirror installation...
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