Blow Out featuring Ver(uschk)a Christopher Roth
January 22—February 27, 2016

Blow Out featuring Ver(uschk)a Christopher Roth

41°03’58.9”N 8°57’27.7”E (lower), 2016 41°03’59.0”N 8°57’27.5”E, 2016 41°03’58.9”N 8°57’27.7”E (upper), 2016 41°03’59.3”N 8°57’27.6”E, 2016 41°03’59.0”N 8°57’28.2”E (right), 2016 From left to right on walls. All works: Latex paint (ChromakeyGreen 1030) The shapes of the wall paintings are based on a window in the architect Dante Bini's La Cupola, a dome-like structure built for the Italian modernist filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni and his lover, the actress Monica Vitti. Blow Out (The Novel), 2016 (detail; on chairs) Book (282 pages) Roth’s novel Blow Out explores Quentin Meillassoux’s concept of extro-science fiction (or XSF), a science fiction that imagines an existence in which not all occurrences can be explained by empirically derived, reproducible scientific rules. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

Esther Schipper is pleased to present Christopher Roth’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Entitled Blow Out, the exhibition includes a new film with a specially conceived viewing device, a series of wall paintings, a sculptural intervention, a neon work and a new, unfinished novel. Blow Out constitutes a densely woven web of associations with a cast of characters that includes actresses, architects, film directors, philosophers, and La Cupola, a decaying building on the Sardinian...
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