Jānis Avotiņš Jānis Avotiņš
January 17—February 23, 2013
Johnen Galerie, Berlin

Jānis Avotiņš Jānis Avotiņš

Exhibition view: Jānis Avotiņš, Johnen Galerie, Berlin, 2013 Photo © Jens Ziehe

Press Release

The new works by Jānis Avotiņš (born 1981 in Latvia) are characterized by a distinct reduction compared to pictures of previous years. While the older works give an idea of landscape and space, the figures in his new paintings and drawings are placed in a monochrome color space. The real scenes, based on observations of everyday life, photographs and movies, are dispersed to a higher extent into painting and ambiguity. Like in Anton Chekhov’s pieces,...
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