1848!!! Liam Gillick
June 12—August 31, 2010

1848!!! Liam Gillick

Constricted Production, 2010 (center) Powder-coated aluminium, Plexiglas Anchoring the exhibition is a new aluminium and Plexiglas structure that continues the artist's interest in the legacy of applied modernism. Bar "Volvo" I – XVI, 2010 (walls) Digital Fine Art Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, white, 100% Hadern, 308 g/m2 A series of inkjet prints carry reworked medieval woodcuts and fragments of dialogue. The German texts are drawn from the first act of the homonymous artist's play. The artist originally developed this work in eight acts for the Munich Kunstverein, the third venue of his retrospective exhibition Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario. Photo © Lothar Schnepf

Press Release

From June 12 to August 31, Esther Schipper will be showing new works by Liam Gillick. The exhibition combines three key components of the artist's work: The beginning of a new research process; the re-presentation of an event and new physical structure. A large paper banner lists the historical events of the European revolutionary year of 1848. It is the announcement of the beginning of a new stage of the artistʼ s research. An introductory...
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