80*81 Christopher Roth and Georg Diez
September 10—30, 2010

80*81 Christopher Roth and Georg Diez

Exhibition view 80*81, 2010 "This is also how our books work, eleven altogether, one book each month of 2010. Interviews with the likes of Robert Longo, Paul Schrader, Giorgio Moroder, Abulhassan Bani-Sadr, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Don DeLillo, Bob Last. Dates, Facts, Conspiracies. And images that talk. To make these books and while making these books, we travel." Photo © Tony Izaaks

Press Release

We started with a simple question: What happened? 1980, 1981! We started to research. To travel. To ask questions. We called this our dérive because we had read the French philosophers. But we lost this attitude after a while. This is about what you see along the way, said the psychoanalyst Christopher Bollas to us on his porch in North Dakota. Our theater friend René Pollesch had told us something similar: This is not about...
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