Gost Log Matti Braun
October 6, 2012—January 6, 2013
Arnolfini, Bristol

Gost Log Matti Braun

Each of the four works on the left: Untitled, 2010 Fabric paint, raw silk and cold rolled steel Group of two on the right: Untitled, 2010 C-prints, 2 parts The works are part of the installation Pierre Pierre, 2010 Concrete, sand, black light, fluorescent paint The multifarious, interdisciplinary links that are brought together in Pierre Pierre both by the paintings, the prints, but also by the changed conditions in the space are characteristic of Braun's artistic project, which includes the creation of a rich web of historical and cultural associations to draw attention to the cultural trajectory of all objects and to highlight their indebtedness to their surroundings and our reception. Photo © Jamie Woodley / Arnolfini

Press Release

Gost Log presented a selection of key works by Matti Braun from the preceding fifteen years, along with new works specifically made for the exhibition. His delicate paintings on silk, prints, objects and installations are often based on stories and on histories of specific people or ideas but draw from these his own formal and conceptual explorations. Referring to different craft traditions, contemporary aesthetics, design and fashion, Braun’s work focuses on moments of intense exchange...
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