Influants Pierre Huyghe
September 9—October 22, 2011

Influants Pierre Huyghe

Umwelt, 2011 Ants, Spiders Ants and spiders travel freely on ceiling, floor and walls. In the course of the work's duration, different behavioral pattern of the animals becomes apparent: While the ants form trails or disperse in groups the spiders remain alone. Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

A new show of four works by Pierre Huyghe at Esther Schipper gallery in Berlin continues the artist’s inquiry into the way we relate inside and outside of the exhibition context. Arriving in the gallery space, a male door attendant announces loudly the visitor’s name and surname (Name Announcer). The rooms look empty at first sight, but in reality live insects and contagions abound. A gallery attendant has the flu (Influenced). On the walls and...
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