The Soul of the Soulless Simon Fujiwara
July 7—August 26, 2018
Condo Shanghai: Edouard Malingue Gallery

The Soul of the Soulless Simon Fujiwara

Simon Fujiwara Rebekkah, 2012 Mixed media installation, video Dimensions variable (height of figures: 1,78 cm) Video duration 07:23 min Exhibition view: Contemporary Art Society, London, 2014 Photo © Joe Plommer

Press Release

Owing to Edouard Malingue Gallery's great commitment, Condo will finally come to Shanghai in July 2018. “Condo”—taken from “Condominium” (com “together” and dominium “right of ownership”, referring to a territory formally shared by different powers)—is a new format for international galleries to collaborate in exhibition-making. This inaugural edition of Condo Shanghai will include nine participating local galleries from Shanghai, which will welcome and share their spaces with thirteen international galleries, displaying major works by artists...
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