Simon Fujiwara Simon Fujiwara

Simon Fujiwara

Born in 1982 in London, United Kingdom. Lives and works in Berlin.
Exhibition view: Simon Fujiwara, Once Upon a Who?, Esther Schipper, Berlin, 2022. Photo © Andrea Rossetti


The work of British-Japanese artist Simon Fujiwara offers a unique view into the mechanics of identity construction and the ‘industry of the individual’ in contemporary life. His works emerge from a personal grappling with the contradictions of inherited racial, national, historical, cultural values.

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Once Upon a Who? Simon Fujiwara

Once Upon a Who?

Simon Fujiwara

A large-scale immersive exhibition, Once Upon a Who? highlights the multifaceted development of, which Simon Fujiwara created in Spring 2020 and first presented at the Fondazione Prada in Milan in summer of that year. Staged within an exhibition design resembling a museum with different rooms devoted to different chapters of their development, visitors encounter Who the Bær: a bear that seemingly has no race, gender, sexuality or nationality. ⁠