No Ghost Just a Shell – Episode II: Two Minutes Out of Time

Pierre Huyghe
September 2 – 16, 2000

Two Minutes Out of Time, 2000
Video, single channel, colour and surround sound

Duration 4:09 minutes


Film still © Pierre Huyghe

Original exhibition invitation (recto) 

No Ghost Just a Shell – Episode II: Two Minutes Out of Time

Pierre Huyghe
September 2 – 16, 2000

The second episode of the No Ghost Just a Shell project by Philippe Parreno/Pierre Huyghe will be the animated film Two Minutes Out of Time presented by this year's DAAD-stipendiate Pierre Huyghe.

Following Philippe Parreno's prologue Anywhere Out of the World, presented at the gallery in May of this year, Pierre Huyghe will now develop "his" story by contributing additive narrative elements. 

The self-referential prologue which still characterises Parreno's animation, is now transformed into narration, the purchased fragmentary character "Annlee" appears within a personal history.


However, this story, her "own" story, again denies the character of its own narration. The so-called content of the little story told was invented by a five year old girl whom Huyghe had shown an image of the Manga character. Huyghe asked the girl to make up a little story (imagination) and thus transferred the situation back to the anonymous starting point, which withdraws itself from the control of content in an authorial sense.


Regarding the method of the cooperative project, we have given profound information on the occasion of the first episode, therefore we'd just like to repeat some basic points: The copyright and the original image of the Manga character, which then was to become "Annlee", were purchased by Parreno/Huyghe at a commercial Manga production agency in Japan. By doing so, the character was "de-neutralised" and provided with a personal history.

This act of annexation of commercially directed visual and medial codes has a "leitmotif"-character in the work of Pierre Huyghe. He refers to his conceptional model as "connective images", images between fiction and reality, deprived of a singular representational character. 

So far he has realized this interest in remakes of popular films like Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, Der amerikanische Freund by Wim Wenders or by filming the off-area in a studio. 


Part of the idea of the project is to involve further artist friends who will carry on the motive and transfer it into their "own" stories.