UUmwelt Pierre Huyghe
October 3, 2018—February 10, 2019
Serpentine Gallery, London

UUmwelt Pierre Huyghe

Pierre Huyghe UUMwelt, 2018 - ongoing Deep image reconstruction, sensors, sound, scent, incubator, flies, sanded wall, dust Exhibition view: UUMwelt, Serpentine Galleries, London, 2018 Photo © Ola Rindal

Press Release

‘I don’t want to exhibit something to someone, but rather the reverse: to exhibit someone to something.’ Pierre Huyghe Although Huyghe intentionally alters the sites in which he works, events and growth are often encouraged to occur without his control. Uumwelt is therefore changed irrevocably and unpredictably over the course of the time in which it exists. For his exhibition at the Serpentine, Huyghe began by selecting a set of images and descriptions and gave...
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