Interior Cartoons Philippe Parreno
September 30—October 28, 2006

Interior Cartoons Philippe Parreno

Marquee (Esther Schipper Plans), 2006 Powder-coated steel, aluminium, Makrolon, electrical equipment, 448 silver crown mirrored bulbs (E27 / 40 Watt), 28 fluorescent strips (50 Watt) Fluorescent light (shape groundfloor plan) 20 KW ca. 87 ampere DMX Controller appr. 220 KP 56 x 435 x 200 cm Photo © Carsten Eisfeld

Press Release

The title of Philippe Parreno’s installation at Esther Schipper—Interior Cartoons—refers playfully to interior design. In the courtyard a huge theatre marquee adorns the main entrance to the gallery. It is similar to those found on Broadway theatres, and complete with 448 silver-mirrored light bulbs attached below. The ornamental part on top echoes the banister of a small flight of steps in the courtyard, and where normally the play or movie would be announced, a neon...
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