Pierre Huyghe Pierre Huyghe
October 23, 2013—January 12, 2014
Centre Pompidou – Galerie Sud, Paris

Pierre Huyghe Pierre Huyghe

L’Expédition scintillante, Act I (Weather Score), 2002 3 boxes, control system producing: snow, rain, fog Three boxes affixed to the ceiling produce ice shavings, mist or bursts of water in an unidentifiable rhythm. Depending on the temperature in the exhibition space, a pile of snow begins to build and puddles of water to form. The artist programmed the sequence in which water, ice, and fog are emitted based on the weather patterns of the journey undertaken by the fictional character Pym from Edgar Allen Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym (1838). Photo © Ola Rindal

Press Release

The Centre Pompidou is devoting a retrospective exhibition of the work of Pierre Huyghe: a major figure in the contemporary scene in France and on the international stage, presenting some fifty projects that provide an overview of the work he has been developing for over twenty years. Since the Nineties, Pierre Huyghe, a major figure in the French and international art scene, has contributed to the redefinition of the status of the art work and...
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