Joanne Simon Fujiwara
April 21—May 26, 2018
Galerie Wedding, Berlin

Joanne Simon Fujiwara

Simon Fujiwara Joanne, 2016/18 Three free-standing aluminium structures: one with in-built LED monitors screening video, with digital print on foil (verso); two lightboxes with digital prints on foil Dimensions variable Duration 12:06 min (video) Photo © Andrea Rossetti

Press Release

'I feel like I’m cheating if I say: I am a model, I am a teacher, I am a lover, I am an artist, I am a chameleon, I am a fighter… I am a person… I am a female.' – Joanne Simon Fujiwara’s film Joanne depicts the many faces of Joanne, Simon Fujiwara’s former secondary school teacher. Joanne Salley, winner of the 1998 Miss Northern Ireland beauty pageant, artist, teacher and champion boxer had...
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