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General Idea was formed in 1969 by AA Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal. AA Bronson, born Michael Tims, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (born 1946). Felix Partz, born Ronald Gabe, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1945–1994. Jorge Zontal, born Slobodan Saia-Levy, Parma, Italy, 1944–1994. The three artists worked and lived together until the deaths of Partz and Zontal in 1994.
General Idea, Complete Set Of Five Self Portraits, 1983/1994. Exhibition view: General Idea, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 2022. © General Idea. Photo © National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa


General Idea was formed in 1969 by AA Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal. Throughout its 25-year-long career, the Canadian group produced an important body of work in various media and formats, which continues to be a reference point for generations of artists around the world. Their works touch upon topics such as archaeology, history, sex, race, illness, and the myth of the group itself through self-portraits, a recurring subject of their production. General Idea began making AIDS-related works in 1987—they were pioneers in incorporating the issue of AIDS in art—and produced countless installations on this theme until Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal's deaths from AIDS-related illnesses in 1994. 

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